April 18, 2014

we heart bleach

For the we heart collectives lasted exhibition, we were invited by Bleach Festival to contribute to the 2014 festival that celebrates all things Gold Coast and its beach life / culture. The theme for the exhibition was "we heart words" with local creative writers submitting short stories about the Gold Coast, of which we all picked one and created a piece inspired by that, also drawing off our own love of the city that most of us grew up in, all went to uni in and some still live in.

Although at the time I created this piece I was sitting in an airbnb apartment in downtown Stockholm with top temps of 5ÂșC, after just being in lapland for 10 days for the most winter-of-winter adventures: dog sledding, I still embraced all things I love about living on the Gold Coast and its relaxed beach culture. The final print was A1 and coming home to it sitting in my room (after having missed the exhibition due to being in Oslo) I am in love with it still.

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