April 18, 2014

wandering numbat

If you are a regular visitor to either this blog or my website, you may have noticed a distinct lack of activity for quite a few months. Well, the reason for this is that I was wandering around the Nordic regions of Europe for that time, and although working whilst travelling, many things like keeping my folio up to date got pushed aside in favour of exploring. On the upside I did keep a tumblr whilst away - mainly so that my mum knew I was still alive - but also to remember the cool things I saw and did over the months. You can retrospectively follow my journey at wandering-numbat.tumblr.com

I saw and did some extra cool things during my trip, but for those who couldn't be bothered scrolling through 1,434 photos, the highlights were definitely a 10 day drive around the ring road of Iceland, and an 8 day dog sledding trip in Swedish Lapland.

Who is the numbat, I am the numbat. lol. I named the tumblr this because I have a ridiculous collection of striped shirts and besides this trip, am rarely seen by friends (or anyone besides those I live with) due to my self imposed work schedule. With these characteristics loosely applied to an animal, preferably Australian, the result was a numbat - a wandering one.

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