April 18, 2014


A great friend of mine from uni, Andrea, got married at the end of december and as always there was the challenge of what to get her as a gift. I really wanted to make her something, as handmade gifts are so much more appreciated (and remembered) than yet another vase or appliance. She had mentioned that she was going to NZ south island for her honeymoon - a place already nestled in my heart after going a few times in 2013 - so I decided to draw her and her future husband in my favourite place: near Lake Ohau, NZ and showing the Ohau Mountain Range (a distinctive range I woke up staring at for 4 weeks of 2013).

She loved the gift and much to my delight she ended up going to Lake Ohau on her honeymoon - more of a coincidence than it seems with Ohau being well off the tourist trail in the remote area of the Mackenzie basin in central South Island.

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