March 06, 2013

I'm dreaming of an EzyDog christmas

I was really excited when EzyDog asked me to create a christmas card for them last year. My mind boggled with ideas, but I decided I really wanted to focus on the (super cute) idea that a dog would be looking forward to christmas. Of course there needed to be a marketing angle in there, so I came up with the theme of "I'm dreaming of an EzyDog christmas", whilst humming bing crosby in my head. After the worst pitch sketch of all time, the idea was approved and I got onto the drawing.

The idea is that the dog is dreaming of the night before christmas, when the EzyDog santa comes into the room with his sack full of the brands goodies. I kept all things branded in the dream bubble and only coloured those section to draw the focus.

... and then Santa again on the inside of the card.

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