August 10, 2011

chocolate packaging

This year I have been working on a different kind of design project, but an exciting one for sure ... packaging.
I was contacted by a new organic, handmade chocolate brand launching in Australia and was tasked with designing everything for their brand. Obviously branding and websites are things I have done before, but packaging was a new frontier I had yet to venture into.

Conscious Chocolate is an Melbourne based raw, organic, handmade chocolate launching in 2011. The packaging had to convey the brands personality and appeal to their target market, whilst being a luxury organic product.

The packaging I created was a small box made of a rich dark brown Mohawk Concept Vellum with black foil and emboss as the only detail on it. All the flavour specific details are on the coloured sleeve, printed separately on white paper. Each flavour has a unique Pantone coloured strip with its own quirky character illustration representing the flavour inside. I also sourced out some paper coated foil wrapping to cover the chocolate on the inside.


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