July 29, 2011

we heart winter

The We Heart Collective's current show "We Heart Winter" is currently showing at the whitebox gallery at Griffith University. For the exhibit, the girls involved expressed their love of winter.

It is not hard for me to think of things I love about winter - I am constantly talking about coats and snow and scarfs and fur trims. It seemed obvious to me to look at the clothing side of winter, so I explored my love of layering and the extra layers you can build up to through the different temperature ranges of winter.

^ click the above to see more detail.

I got some comments at the opening night that the less layered extremes of the image seemed very summery. I guess this is true, but in the winters I have experienced in my life - from a 23ºc QLD sunny winter to a minus 15ºc German Alps winter - I have worn this entire range of layers in times designated as 'winter'. It is part of the reason I love winter :)

photos by fellow collective member Katelyn Hankinson.

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Francis | Printing Samples said...

I like the projection of the subject. It seems to be an optical illusion but did you use same images on it? Maybe yes but It is neglected at first glance due to perfect projection.