July 09, 2010

ruby rabbit redux

Ruby rabbit, my dream client, is having so much success with her business that it came time to update her site to add new services. have a look at her beautiful new site

so much has changed, but I would like to point out a few things that are my favourite.

1. new watercolour background
After somebody mentioned that the old background looked a little like dried blood (!!!?), I figured I needed a new background. So in came brighter colours, more orange and hot pink and more brush style strokes. Gone are those crazy blood connections.

2. brighter images
As much as I love the light, pencil-style images on the old site, it made the overall appearance a bit flat. So in came a new style of images and some watercolour splashes into the background of the old images to give them some life.

3. social media integration
Being a virtual assistant, it was imperative that ruby rabbit was well connected in the virtual world. I added in a twitter feed on the home page, facebook and linkedin buttons in the footer of every page and an email subscription newsletter. Now she looks like she is in this decade :)

4. honourable mentions
A few things that aren't huge, but make the site a little more interesting. First, the new drop-down menus that allow the site to have more content without the world's longest menu. Second, the awesome wufoo contact enquiry form. If you have ever tried to make a decent emailer form, you will appreciate wufoo's magic service.

And finally...
The promotion of my design services (air punch ... woo!). It is nice to have somebody else finding work for you. Thanks Belinda :)

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