November 15, 2008

portfolio site update

Finally I have done an update on my folio site with my recent projects.

Its not done yet though ... there will be a few more to come in the next week or so, plus some new things I am working on at the moment.


Unknown said...

Good to see you adding your new work! The 'cupcake girl' is my favourite (the cupcake would make a good favicon).

One suggestion though, the 'recently added projects' title is positioned under the 4 recent project, so I expected it to be a link to even more projects. IMO this title should be either above the links or a link itself. Also the page banner (your name) should be a link (to your homepage).

Anonymous said...

You are the cleverest person I know. Love all the new stuff. Have a ball in Melbourne and Moreton. See you in the New Year.
Love ya guts