August 28, 2008

my first website -

In a recent clean up session I found a copy of the very first website I ever made. It was for a grade 10 web subject in 2001 and of course I did it about my dog Zulu (typical teenage girl).

I drew all the images and took all the photos and am particularly proud of the dog wagging his tail in the top right hand corner. There are of course some cringe features, like the awful graphic quality (the whole site had to fit on a floppy disc!), the use of frames (why???) and a super boring splash page.
check it out - but don't laugh too hard!


Unknown said...

mmm, text as images.

dig that geneology diagram

Anonymous said...

hey porsh
i remember this, infact i was sitting next to you when u were making it!! you've brought back my dreaded gr 10 i.t memories (if my memory serves me correctly i beleive -shudder- mr. wishkey comes to mind), and yes i have my own cringe feature of calling my website doggy woggys..what on earth was i thinking..but then again we were (or i was anyway)an immature gr10'er.
its an absolutely awesome website by the way, i love it! dam that wagging tailed zulu is cute
x danielle s