June 06, 2008

headcase exhibition

For a uni assignment we could do a piece of artwork for the Headcase Exhibition being run in Melbourne to raise awareness for people with acquired brain injuries.
I was so exited about creating a canvas work, something I haven't done since highschool.

I decided to create a piece comprising of 2 canvas'; the first showing a young women and her memories, and the second showing how an acquired brain injury has changed them.

Here is the final illustrations, which I printed onto canvas. I am very proud of the end result and hope that it gets chosen to be exhibited in September.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Very cool. I know that they're companion pieces, but the second one could almost stand on its own. Great (subtle) colour work.

ps. after flicking back and forth between them, photo-bucket stopped showing the pictures to me. you should post to your flickr account instead (i don't think it has the same restrictions)