September 11, 2007

so De Stijl

I do not normally like to blog about uni assignments, but this was a bit too awesome not too!

I had to do a brochure for typography on a decade of type. Via a lucky dip system (v. high tech) I got the 1910s, so I picked the De Stijl movement from the Netherlands. De Stijl means "the style" in dutch. exciting stuff! here is my brochure ...

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Unknown said...

Dear Porsha,

I saw the folder you designed about De Stijl movement.
My name is Wietse Coppes and I work as a De Stijl specialist at the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD: in The Hague.
We collect all kinds of documentation on De Stijl (we hold the archive of Theo van Doesburg for example, as well as more than 600 letters of the painter Piet Mondrian). I was wondering if you could send us a De Stijl folder that you designed, for our collection?

Kind regards,
Wietse Coppes